How it works

The team work with you each step of the way to sell your vehicle, for free, you receive 100% of the sale price.
Receive 100% of the sale price and sell your vehicle for free
You Submit Your Vehicle
We appraise the vehicle and agree it's value and reserve price
We write the auction listing and photos/videos are shot
You Approve The Auction Listing
Your listing goes live and the marketing of your vehicle begins!
To complete the following form, please make sure you have the vehicle registration document and some photographs handy.
We understand what values are really doing, and we aim to achieve our vehicle valuations not just make the starting reserve, and we publish our results.

Submitting your vehicle

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a package
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vehicle images
Choose a package that fits your vehicles requirements
Receive 100% of the hammer price.
List your vehicle for free.
Curated 7-Day Auctions: we only manage the sale of the best vehicles, and we research and document each car's history to prove that.
A dedicated Client Service Manager will showcase your vehicle with a specialist’s eye guiding you through the steps of your sale. We know the market and promote each auction lot to the right audience across social media, specialist websites, media, and our existing members.
Buyers are pre-qualified* and have secured/purchased your vehicle at the end of the auction.
Our no surprises policy; we fully research and document your vehicle’s history, with your assistance to help all buyers make informed decisions about their purchases.
Our benchmark managed service delivers 100% of the hammer price.
List your vehicle for free.
Dedicated marketing and press relations specialists. Rivalling traditional auction houses, arguably the best team in the business will work to promote your vehicle/collection to a carefully cultivated network of contacts, specialist media, and we regularly organise innovative events/viewings and press coverage to give physical access to vehicles.
Dynamic Viewing allows bidders all over the world to participate first-hand in your auction, or vehicle inspections, usually for lots >£100,000 in value, or rare and unique vehicles.
Curated auctions: we only manage the sale of the best vehicles, and we research and document each car's history to prove that.
Professional photography / videography will capture your car with an artist’s eye.
Buyers are pre-qualified* and secured/purchased your vehicle at the end of the auction.
Names of buyers and sellers are always kept confidential.
Our team maintains the privacy of our clients while striving to find suitable buyers for their cherished motor cars.
Total price control, reassuring clients that they will have the final say on what offer to accept.
Fees are significantly lower than the industry average.
Our global contacts range from high-profile names in the car-collecting community to up-and-coming enthusiasts building world-class collections for tomorrow, just like traditional auction houses but for a fraction of their extortionate costs.
Secure, insured transport and storage.
Please make sure you get the front and both sides and the back of your vehicle when you capture your image. Don’t crop your image please. Only 1 car per upload.

*Please multiselect your images and videos from your computer and drag & drop to the upload box below
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