Standard Package
We’ve created the safest marketplace in the world for buying and selling classic cars at their correct prices. 

We inspect, fully appraise and value your vehicle, then photograph, document, list, generate interest in, and manage your sale until your buyer takes delivery of their purchase.

If you'd like us to store the vehicle and manage the entire process, we can do that too.

This is the standard.

The Standard Package Offerings

List your vehicle for free; you will receive 100% of the sale price.
We arrange a full appraisal/valuation and inspection of your vehicle; free of charge.
Photography included.
Keep your car at home, or opt for our Managed Service. We can take store your vehicle on request; we take care of all preparation prior to sale.

The Standard Package How we sell your vehicle


Sales Carefully curated, for the best results


Engine Notes
Our reputation is built on trusted advice, quality consignments, and motivated bidders.

When you are planning to sell a vehicle, you’ll probably be asking yourself many questions. What price will I achieve? Is now the right time to sell? Should I seek a timed sale or consign to sealed-bid sale? And if I choose an timed sale, will it be successful, and can I trust the people behind the platform?


There is no ‘one-size-fits-all’ and therefore we don’t accept all submissions. If a vehicle isn’t a good fit, it would be wrong to list it for sale. We always give advice on how and where to represent a vehicle for the best results and achieve its true market value whether we are managing the sale or not. Or we might just ask you to trust us and wait for the right moment to come to market.


This is why our experienced marketing team only curates the best submissions for sale – we want the best possible results! Each lot is handpicked, researched, listed, and promoted to a carefully cultivated network of industry contacts, across social media, specialist websites, owners’ clubs, and our own members. It’s never a one-size-fits-all approach.



Documentation Vehicle Inspections 

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How we bring your vehicle to the market.

Once your vehicle is accepted, your dedicated Client Services manager will arrange for a specialist to carry out a full appraisal of your vehicle, this is the only way we can guarantee that all descriptions are factual and correct, and vehicle values are accurate.

Together we bring together your vehicles history. Service records, parts receipts, restoration records, historical photographs, confirmation of competition provenance, and lastly any faults or issues. The more we have the better the listing, the more honestly the vehicle is described the more likely it is you will see strong, confident bidding.

We do carry out our own safeguarding checks too, to help us delve into the authenticity of every vehicle, then we complete the listing and documentation pack, and start the sale process, all free of charge.




Photography Our guide to great images

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How to prepare your vehicle for sale.

We have produced this guide to help you prepare the vehicle to capture great images of it, so it’s ready for to look its best.

All our photographers are professionals and have experience in commercial, automotive photography and/or working for the motoring press. It is the best way to present your vehicle and attain the best hammer price.